Mike Alstott provides tents to homeless shelter in Pinellas

Source: TBO.com

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Mike Alstott is providing shelter for the area's homeless after recent storms destroyed their tents.

The Mike Alstott Family Foundation donated 45 tents to Pinellas Hope and Alstott visited the homeless shelter on Friday to help set up some of the tents.

"We didn't do much but order some tents," Alstott said. "But it makes a big difference to have a roof over someone's head."

Pinellas Hope client Troy Jackson can attest to that.

"These are our homes. We live in them," Jackson said. "It's shelter off of the street. It's where we live. It's like if it happened to your home, the same feeling you would have. You're homeless again."

Most of Pinellas Hope's 200-300 clients stay in tents spread across the shelter's 13 acres.

Though Jackson's tent is still standing, more than 140 tents were destroyed during storms that swept through the area in late March and early April.

The Mike Alstott Family Foundation helped put up two of the tents, spent time with residents, and took a tour of the facility.