Stuff-N-Fluff Valentine’s Day Party 2019 At Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

Earlier today, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, Mike visited Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg for a celebration straight from the heart. For the eleventh straight year, The Foundation hosted its annual a “Stuff-N-Fluff” party. Also this year, we delivered Valentine’s Day cards hand-made by Madeira Beach Fundamental School’s N.J.H.S. members.
At the party, we helped the children currently admitted at the hospital select, stuff, and outfit a teddy bear or other animal of their choice. The stuffed animals also included a “rainbow star” (to wish upon) and a birth certificate. The children also created Valentine's Day cards, and participated in several other activities. Additionally the patients not able to attend the party today will be supplied with a stuffed animal making kit for them to make at their convenience.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our supporters. We love you all!